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About Acoustic Impact

The founders of Acoustic Impact have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Through our experience and the recent changes in regulations within the construction sector, we saw a huge increase in demand for acoustic treatment in Ireland.

At Acoustic Impact our aim is to bring aesthetically pleasing acoustic solutions to architects, acoustic consultants, contractors, interior designers and most importantly the end user. Our intention is to create a calm, comfortable and more productive environment.

We have a wide have a wide range of acoustic products including our “Sonant” range of acoustic panels.  We also have close relationships with all the major acoustic product manufacturers which allows us to offer a diverse range of treatments including acoustic wall panels, baffles, rafts, stretch fabric systems, noise and vibration control systems, acoustic folding partitions, noise control barriers and acoustic spray plaster.

Our combination of knowledge and expertise allows us to give value for money and cost savings directly to our clients.

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Acoustic Impact - Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Impact - Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Impact - Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Impact - Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Impact - Acoustic Panels