Acoustic Panels

Sonant is our range of acoustic panels specifically designed to reduce and control reverberation time. Once fitted, Sonant panels create a pleasant acoustically enhanced environment and can greatly improve speech intelligibility. Our products are manufactured from a range of acoustic core materials and can be finished in a wide variety of modern fabrics; with a fixing method to suit the environment.  Sonant panels are designed to be installed on walls and ceilings and are commonly used in schools, offices, restaurants, sports halls, public buildings and any application where a high-performance noise control product is needed.

Reverberation time which is sometimes described as echo is a measure of the time required for reflecting sound to fade away by 60dB after the source of the sound has stopped.  A high reverberation can mean more than just mild irritation – it can harm productivity, well-being, happiness, and most importantly, our physical health.  Sonant acoustic panels reduce the reverberation time and keep the background noise under control to make the room fit-for-purpose. Acoustic Impact can assess your room and recommend an acoustic treatment to suit your budget leaving you with a more productive and relaxing space.

Acoustic Wall Panel in a Gym- Sonant
Acoustic Wall Panels
Sound Proofing for Open Plan Offices
Acoustic Ceiling Panels